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A Great Way To Reduce Shopping Addict

A Great Way To Reduce Shopping AddictWhat is compulsive shopping and spending?
People who “shop ’till they drop” and run their credit cards up to the limit often have a shopping addiction. They believe that if they shop they will feel better. Compulsive shopping and spending generally makes a person feel worse. It is similar to other addictive behaviors and has some of the same characteristics as as problem drinking (alcoholism), gambling and overeating addictions.

Compulsive shopping or spending can be a seasonal balm for the depression, anxiety and loneliness during the December holiday season. It also can occur when a person feels depressed, lonely and angry. Shopping and spending will not assure more love, bolster self-esteem, or heal the hurts, regrets, stress, and the problems of daily living. It generally makes these feelings worse because of the increased financial debt the person has obtained from compulsive shopping.

How can you tell if you are a compulsive shopper?
Shopoholics, when they are feeling “out of sorts, shop for a ” pick-me-up.” They go out and buy, to get a high, or get a “rush” just like a drug

Save Your Money while Grocery Shopping

Grocery ShoppingPlan Ahead

  • Plan meals so that you have leftovers for lunch the next day – or freeze leftovers for a quick meal another day
  • Package your own treats, juices and snacks – buy the large package and box of baggies and make your own individually wrapped packages to grab on the run
  • Buy less canned and packaged convenience foods – also shred your own lettuce and cheese (cheeses often freeze well too!)
  • Clean out your fridge and cupboards once a month – use up what you bought
  • Organize your food storage cupboards and drawers – if you don’t know what you have or can’t find what you bought, you’ll end up buying more of the same unnecessarily
  • If you stock up, watch expiry dates and package the food to preserve it as long as needed
  • If you buy large packages or meat, pre–cook or marinate it and then freeze it to speed up meal times – if you know you’ve got food ready at home, it’s less tempting to eat out
  • Spend some time once a week washing and/or cutting up fruit and vegetables – this will speed up dinner and lunch preparations and provide

Wanna Safe while Online Shopping?, Here Its Tips

Safe while Online ShoppingShopping online is easy and convenient. It’s the perfect way to skip lines and avoid the shopping madness around sales or holidays. But, most of us are unaware or simply underestimate the cyber threats involved in getting a new pair of shoes online.

If you too prefer to browse the web for the best deals, check out these tips to enjoy a safe online shopping session.

1. Keep your operating system, browser and apps updated

It goes without saying but updates are fundamental to keeping your devices and any transactions you make online secure. Each new release brings fixes to potential security holes. Most desktop operating systems will auto-update but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. When it comes to apps, your app store will notify you when an update is available.

2. Know where and who you’re buying from

The number of phishing attacks has increased in the online shopping era, so before you trust a site:

Make sure the name is spelled correctly on the address bar.
Look for reviews by other customers on third-party sites.
And, verify that

Find Out The Best Product While Shopping

Follow these ten easy online shoe shopping tips, and you will be shoe shopping online like a pro. Here are a few tips to help you do your online shopping safely. The first tip that you should do when safely shopping online is to make sure that the web site you are shopping on is a reputable web site and that any payment screen is part of a secured site.

When ordering from an online site, one of the first things you should check is to see that their order page is secure. Shopping online: One of the great things about shopping for lingerie online is that there is a ton of information available that you simply cannot find in a lingerie store. Some of the reasons why most people are shopping online are: they can buy anything at anytime because Internet shopping is available 24 hours, all the time.

In the years past, shoppers were more reluctant to do their shopping online now things have changed greatly. Another factor when shopping for a shower curtain online is choosing the right material for you. The first consideration when shopping for a shower curtain should be color

A Reason why Shopping Online is a Good Idea

Since the development of the Internet, all hard-to-obtain, hard-to-do things have become quite simple that anyone can get anything from wherever they are, all by using a your PC. The Internet not only gives you an ocean of information you required, at the same time expands your shopping options like never before! Now, with only a few clicks of a mouse, you can go online to buy just about anything you need or want.

Festival shopping can be a real stress for most of you, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for you to think about the gifts you have planned to buy. Secure online shopping gives you a little less shopping stress and saves more time, especially during Christmas and other festival season when the crowd packs the streets. Shop your things without venturing into the crowded shopping areas and wrestling your way between shoppers. Most important of all, you need not hurry or worry about finding a parking lot for your car. A simple online search can lead you to the right product at the right price, fast.

If you are looking for great online shopping suggestions or you want to

Gown Shopping Tips

Trust Your Instincts

If you have to be reassured that the dress looks great on you, it’s probably not “the one.” If you can’t see yourself walking down the aisle in it, move on. When you find the right dress, you’ll know—you won’t want to put on anything else. Have some tissues handy; it will be an emotional moment!

Have a Price In Mind

If you know you’re not going to spend $15,000 on your dress, don’t waste time trying on a bunch of gowns out of your range. You’re better off zeroing in on your realistic price point so you can spend more time editing down the amazing options you can actually buy. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to factor in the cost of alterations, taxes and shipping fees, plus your veil, shoes, lingerie and jewelry, which can add up to $500 or more altogether.

Start Early

This is one of the things that surprises everyone. You really need at least six to eight months to get your gown—and that’s if you’re really decisive. If you’re a picky shopper or don’t really know what you want, start looking eight to

Get Great Deals when Shopping Online

Comparison online shopping relieves you of the physical strain of traveling all the way to shopping malls. Online shopping offers a bargain buyer a handy tool to locate exciting deals. You may well find a website that is a single resource with links to all the major stores in the US. You can conveniently surf around to links of all the major stores located anywhere in the US or abroad, easily search for a product, get to know the product details, compare prices and even get great discounts.

Here is a summary of major advantages that comparison online shopping offer.


For a shopper, convenience means ease of finding a product, having to spend less time shopping and lesser overall shopping effort. These are splendid benefits if you can get them. Shopping online offers all these and many more. Sitting in the comfort of your own home you can surf the internet and find the product of your choice, save on travelling, and thereby spend more quality time on your favorite hobby or with your loved ones. This is not all. Online shopping is open 24×7. You can shop at any time and from any

Online Stores Tricks

Have you ever felt that when you are buying products online, the virtual experience and variety tempts you into buying more than what you had aimed for? Well, if it happening to you, then you are not alone, and you certainly do not need to join a ‘Shopoholics Anonymous’, as yet. Various e-commerce websites implement smart strategies to lure customers by creating an urgency to buy a product, irrespective of the fact whether they need it or not. Here are a few tricks that online stores use to make you shell out maximum from your pockets.

Inviting Interface and Attractive Checkout

Have you observed how colorful and inviting all websites of online stores look? They display the most interesting products on the homepage in an attractive manner, which seduces you into entering the website to make a buying decision. Not only this, but they have attractive animations and virtual stores which give you an experience of walking through actual stores while sitting in the comfort of your house. Similar to the strategy of retail stores, the pages of checkout direct you back to the products. This always ensures that you will shop more. The websites create an illusion

Why Online Shopping?

Online shopping is a common part of life in today’s society. Called the digital age, our current culture is so steeped in technology that today’s youngest generation will have never experienced life without a computer, the Internet, or a smartphone. For this reason, it can be easy to take technology, and all the benefits and conveniences that it affords for granted.

Businesses are always aiming to tap into new markets. From reaching out to a new target audience to moving into a previously unexplored geographic region, businesses try many different tactics to expand their customer base. With traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts, the options open to business owners for expansion are limited; businesses can either expand their product line to attract a new target audience or open new locations.

Thanks to the Internet, business owners can now expand into new markets and geographies without actually moving their operations. An online storefront, be it a website or a store on a third party site, like Etsy or eBay, has the ability to attract customers from virtually any country with an Internet connection. With just the click of a button, as they say, you can hypothetically open your business doors to every person who

Thing You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying

Are you a little, or more than a little, tired of that particular set of messages? Are you tired, too, of having the same conversation every year with salespeople, about how it seems like the ‘holiday shopping season’ comes earlier every year? Or of reading human interest stories about intense shopping experiences each year in your local paper? If so, this article’s for you. If not, well, I probably sound like a bit of a Grinch.

But isn’t that kind of funny in itself? Somehow, weariness of the consumer folderol that surrounds the winter holidays gets equated with being a Grinch. Well, don’t worry; I don’t intend to steal Christmas. (Though wasn’t the moral of that story that Christmas isn’t about the presents? That’s at least how the story gets presented, though one might well wonder if we, as consumers-viewers-readers, would find it quite so satisfying if, at the end, the Grinch didn’t bring back all the presents.) Instead, I just want to ask you to think for a moment about buying things. Not about which things you’ll buy and for whom, but about the process of buying things itself.

Spend ten or fifteen minutes really thinking about holiday gift-buying:

Great Apps For Shoppaholic

Whether we choose to admit it or not, we all have a shopaholic within us. Yes, the amount we splurge, and the things we splurge on may be different, but we all secretly do. The Internet plays a perfect ally to shoppers, with scores of shopping sites, with goods at heavily discounted prices springing up everywhere. Our fast-paced lives haven’t slowed down the progress of these sites either, as they have chosen to take to the mobile platform, and provide shopping info on the go. There are plenty of shopping apps available for smartphones, each trying to grab the attention of shopaholics the world over. Here’s taking a look at the top 10 apps that ought to be on every shopaholic’s smartphone.

RedLaser is a very handy barcode and QR reader. It provides you with details about the product, lets you compare prices, and gives you directions to the store. You can even search for deals and coupons on various products, and purchase them using the app.

This app lets you get the best deal, by helping you look up product details, various offers, and the cheapest rates. It even lets you look up the merchant

Shopping, the Things That Girls Loved

Comparing a physical attraction to buying something seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. It’s not a comparison I would personally make, but I understand it. Shopping means different things to every woman – a necessity, a sanctum, a religion, a way of life, an adventure. Whatever be the meaning of shopping in their life, it remains important to them. Most men do not understand how something that involves walking around, trying fifteen things, and lugging around huge bags can be relaxing, but then it is a girl thing. We do not expect you to understand but we will try to explain the rationale (if you can call it that) behind it.
What Does Science Have To Say
Most men (and I say men because they always seem bewildered by our love for buying things) tend to think that our indulgence in malls has to do with an emotional weakness, our inability to resist pretty things, our need to have what the another woman has, and also an excuse to just spend some time with our girls. While all of these may or may not be true (I’ll reserve comment on that for

Dutyfree Shopping, Here Its Tips

It’s a bummer when you’re finally hit with the realization that duty free isn’t what it means, and the guys running the store are not in it for the goodness of their hearts. They’re hoping to make a profit off you―yes you, who’s returning home from a stint abroad without bearing gifts. Duty free is another one of those phonies (albeit not one of deceivingly epic proportions) where you think you’ve nailed a bargain, but you’re actually getting a teensy discount on already-escalated prices.

But it’s not all that bad, really, and there are certain ways in which you can effectively profit from it. In order to pull off a splendid bargain, here’s what you can actually do.

Dutyfree Shopping Guide

Designer handbags, exquisite fragrances, delicious chocolates, and yes, even works of art―what’s not to love? Duty free is the one place that tries to make the most of our end-of-the-holiday woes by shoving up these delights into our faces. It doesn’t matter if it’s for gifting or personal use, we invariably end up shopping here. But if you’re looking for a bargain while doing so, these are the tips you ought to keep in mind.

Take the effort to calculate.

Shopping Clothes Online, Here Its Tips

No longer do we have to brave crowded shopping malls, struggle to reach high-hung tops and wait in long checkout lines.

As children of the digital age, we now have the option to spare ourselves the hassle of shopping in-store by purchasing clothing online.

Of course, shopping online does come with its own fair share of challenges. When ordering clothes with an online retailer, it can be easy to select the wrong size, misjudge quality or choose an unflattering fit. You can avoid online shopping blunders with these eight indispensable tips:

  1. Make a list

Just as with shopping in-store, shopping online can lead to impulse buys if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are shopping for. Before kicking off your digital shopping expedition, make a list of items and gifts you need. Not only will a clear plan of action help you keep from becoming overwhelmed with choices, it will help you determine where to begin.

  1. Know your size

The first step to finding the perfect fit is determining what your perfect

About Shopping in Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru has had its fair share of exposure in recent years, but selfie-stealing hipster vibe aside, we still love this Art Deco nabe for its cluster of independent shops. A meander round this low-rise heritage hood is the perfect antidote to Orchard’s mall it is – just avoid Mondays when most places are closed.


This blink-and-you’ll-miss it teeny gallery shophouse houses owner Giuseppe’s eclectic cache of Asian textiles, furny, arts n’ antiquities. What started as a personal rug fetish has evolved into an enviable stash of Tibetan carpets and Buddhist sculptures collected on travels around Asia and Australia. And if you’re lucky, the charming Italian will be on-hand to regale you with the stories behind the works.

Degiosart, #57 Eng Hoon St, #01-82, Tiong Bahru, Singapore. +65 9698 6038

One Olive

Green-fingered gals Amy and Niki set up One Olive in 2009, and it’s blossomed into the go-to for extraordinary artisanal bouquets, arrangements and potted plants. Bespoke bunches are their specialty and they’ll also style your wedding, photoshoot or spesh occasion. Florally challenged? You can hone your skills with sticks and a bit of grass at one of their flower

Amazing Beauty Stores


This divine pharmacy situated in a former chapel has been sweetening Florentine sniffers since 1612, when Dominican friars crafted medicinal tinctures using ingreds grown in the monastery gardens. Luckily for us, four centuries later many of the soaps, creams and colourful fragrances are still made according to traditional recipes. The main rooms with ornately carved cabinets, chandeliers, and gold leaf-adorned vaulted ceilings are sure showstoppers, but don’t miss the smaller library, with frescoes dating back to the early Renaissance, when the space was the sacristy of a church. Heavenly!

Via della Scala, 16, Florence. +39 055 216276,


Perhaps not quite as lovely as its aforementioned northern rival, but Rome’s darkly dapper Ai Monasteri is still a top spot for monk-made, time-honoured herbal concoctions. The arched, gothic shelves are lined with all manner of peculiarly pleasing potions from tobacco-scented shower foam, wrinkle-fighting royal jelly cream and almond beard soap to kiddie cologne and… love elixirs? Oh, brother!

Corso Rinascimento, 72, Pantheon, Rome. +39 06 6880 2783,


Festooned with oil paintings, this dusty, creaky, glass-roofed herbalist – complete

Design Shops Idea

Big boutique appetite but starved for time? These expertly-curated retail sanctuaries bring you all the covetable spoils you crave in one hit-and-quit locale.

From fash and furny to lifestyle and lim ed galore, these top concept shops will have you well heeled and well on your way in a jiff. Tick tock!

Alchemy Works

Part-time gallery and event pad, and full-time retail romp, this cutting-edge space is at the forefront of DTLA’s revival, bedding down with local artists, photographers and designers to create a peeper-pleasing situ packing vintage finds, eclectic homeware and lush grooming prods. There’s an impressive stash of indie-label rags by the likes of Bellroy, Hill-Side, and Armor Lux, but the real star of the show is a flash-dash 1959 Fiat Abarth Spyder parked front and centre on the shop floor. Swerve into the on-site Warby Parker showroom before pumping the breaks at small-batch roaster Blacktop next door.

826 E 3rd St, Downtown, Los Angeles, +1 323 4871 497.

Clerkenwell London

Lose your Loubs to tackle this mega 13,000 sqft space nestled in one of London’s most edgy nabes, where a staggering, multifarious mix of decor, fashion and bijoux

Where Famous Shops In Seoul?

A sizzling saucepot of creativity, Seoul is home to some of the most influential music, film and beauty trends across Asia – and beyond. Not to be left behind, the city’s fashion names are equally cutting-edge. Here are five of the brands and shops at the vanguard.

Rare Market

Groundbreaking boutique where longtime friends Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung quietly started a style revolution with their A-list, Insta-worthy edit of men’s and women’s threads. Ditching obvious big-name labels oft loved by Gangnam gals, their collection spans local K-fash stars, artist collabs and a curated selection of obscure global labels. Directional, en vogue and totally bangin’ – it’s a rare treat.

Rare Market, Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. +82 2 512 3433,

Gentle Monster

Having literally shaped the way we see Seoul style, Gentle Monster’s eponymous brand is synonymous with cool innovation. Its avant-garde bathhouse-turned-concept boutique and gallery on Gyedong-gil is as impressive as the collections of edgy specs it houses. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there for one of their interesting exhibits or parties.

Gentle Monster, 92 Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul. +82 7 0489 51287,

Jinny Kim

More Jean Harlow

Dazzling Shopping Malls

Malls oft bring to mind images of a super ized, suburban shopper horrors monopolized by generic global brands, sweat pant -parading parents and their sugar-crazed kiddies. But this isn’t always the case. From Shoreditch to Shibuya, there’s a new breed of small and stylish retail centres repping local makers and artisan producers in swish, architorial settings. Here are our picks of the crop – shop to it!


Forget the name, there ain’t nothing common about this lofty, open-air community shop n’ sup spot in artsy trend hub Thonglor. Amid polished concrete and verdant greenery you’ll find artisan prod purveyors like Roots Coffee and Sri Thai Delicatessen, flowerful Plant House, pre-loved riches at Treasures and an entire level dedicated to entertaining sprogs, all topped off with The Commons Kitchen and Bar.

335 Thonglor Soi 17, Klongton Nue, Wattana, Bangkok. +66 2 712 5400.


Sharing a Mid-Century complex with hip-cat 25hours Hotel, Bikini brings a dash of contempo Kreuzburg ‘tude to chic Charlottenburg with a mod-imalist tunnel-like aesthetic and hand-plucked collection of creative concept stores. Berlin bigwigs like Anna Kraft, book-nook Gestalten and spec-tacular Mykitaare all here, as well as emerging talent tucked into a